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Seems I've prodded Dreamwidth....

wonder what its going to be like

18 Months

May. 14th, 2009 04:03 pm
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So that was the 18 month review finally over and done with.

Its a hell of a load off my mind really...been so et up with this report for a long while now it feels like. I might be able to start enjoying my work again rather than getting worried/stressed about it....

Just waiting to have a meeting with Jon, then can go home to unfortunatly bury Bob in the garden somewhere :(

And then Star Trek this evening
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RIP Wobbly Bob Dec 2004 - May 2009 :(
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As an experiment I'm going to uncut the tweets

If people start getting pissed off with them then I'll cut them again...but we'll see

The weekend

May. 5th, 2009 12:36 pm
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Fun Weekend this weekend

Friday : RP - nearly killed. Got taken out by a fear effect in the first round...fighters really shouldn't be so easy to cause fear least PFRPG should fix that...

Saturday: Tidying in the garden, Building Chimenea, Haircut again, BBQ, Beer Friends, Fire!

Sunday : Breakfast in the Rawson being as busy as I've ever seen it at 10am on a sunday morning...
Then up to [ profile] illessa and [ profile] ninjaiguana's for Second Darkness...which is now finished after a fight with Bitchy the wonder cleric...died first round but brought back quickly from a last breath thankfully. Almost got to have a lot of books but they got flame striked before I could squirrel them away...I wouldn't have made them books :(.

Monday: Pub...managed to finnally get around to playing Euphrates and Tigriss...god the card game is pretty poor...I mean really the rules have you going WTF most of the time...


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