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I think so

Friday morning


Roleplay: Good fun. Got to drescribe at Twi'lek as my "Sister" (I'm rodian :p)
Also got into the session quotes hehe

Friday PM : Cardboard to tip as jen and helen start sorting out the spare room a bit.

Pick up office chair .... WIN finally I can play PC games and not have my back die.

Friday evening Roleplay. Didn't do very much here. Still not completely sure what's going on really. Probably down to me usually being tired. Perhaps should think about seeing if the day can be moved????

Saturday. Fop day picnic. Good fun with the frisbee, and winning with the Gents. Topped it off with Beer and Anime (Whisper of the Heart) at Alex and Angyls.

Sunday. Magic release tounament. After assembling a deck which consisted of
Deck List )

I wasn't sure how well it would do. I was fairly confident in it but not overly much given my previous record.

However I managed to win my first match


My Second match


so this left me at the top of the table having a better draw percentage than my opponent.

It was a really close game. several times I thought I had the game in the bag only to almost have it stolen from me.

The funniest play I feel was when I had Doomgape on the table and one creature. My opponent killed my creature at the end of the turn.

Meaning that I had to sacrifice doomgape (to gain me 10 life) however I did in my hand have an instant which allowed me to give doomgape persist till end of turn. So I sacrice my 10/10 trampler gaining me 10 life in the process which returns to play with a -1/-1 counter on it. making it a 9/9 (I was back at 20+ life again by this point)

Eventually I won the match up


Putting me top with 9 points as a clear winner.

So that day I'd won 2 boosters, a lifecounter, a deckbox, and the release card. Made of win.


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