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So surgery in the Star Wars universe

Its pretty good if you get it right....
if not the paitent dies on the table....

Unfortunatly that happened here

I start on 5 hp intending to undergo 3 hours of surgery and end up at 11 hp...

First Hour Die Revived 1HP
Second Hour 3HP
Third Hour 5 HP
Give up there.....

Oh Dear...
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So We rejoin our heros in the middle of a firefight with a bunch of stormtroopers

Arjen is attempting to revive Vreego after his horrible near fatal injuries.

His first attempt to stem the bleeding fails..Vreego took much more of a hit than it first appeared. The second attempt brought Vreego back from the brink of death...5HP (and at -10 to everything too) from the brink....The fight was long and hard until a giant tree snake thing that could handily only see black and white (ie stormtroopers) came onto the walk way and started devouring things....Hmm those troopers must have come from somewhere.

So Lavrek and Vreego go to scout the landing pad.

They see an Imperial Assault Shuttle 10 more Storm troopers and 2 Gunners....Bugger.

The plan became to begin sniping at them from long range Hopefully we could take them down before the guns powered up and toasted us....

So after Stealing borrowing Arjen's rifle and scope Jack and Vreego crept into position...where upon we took 20 on Initiative.....
A first shot (crit) takes the head off a stormtrooper...the hide failed and they see our position. But we carry on sniping. More troopers go down..the guns on the ship power up....fuck

...More shooting followed till our ship started powering up and moving Vreego and Jack leg it to get aboard the ship...
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4am Get up (get coffee tango)
4:30 log on to internets to roleplay

Seems our R&R is cut a little short by an abduction of some singing bird man...

Fly out to Najarka and spot an abandoned imperial base.

Follow tranciever to rebel agent....have already forgotten code words by this point.....

So wander along the vine filled walkways and get attacked by snakes...bitten few times but not poisoned...Knifed a snake...mmm Coup de Grace.

Get attacked by more snakes....

Find abandoned imperial bio research facility....break in

Find Bird Mans enterage tortured and deaded....

Find Rebel agent...a protocol/vanity droid thing with MPD...

Power comes on in abandoned labs.

Try to reach ship...ship not there...bugger....

Leave on walkways...white and black monkey things in trees cheering for some reason....

Stormtroopers on walk way...
I grenade them a bit...some get injured

Rorsharr grenades them a bit more...they die a bit....

I get shotted with a shoota. A crit :( I go down unconscious on floor...21 Stormtroopers left....bugga

Also visit Dognamatron
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How do you stop an exploding Assassin Droid?

With a plasma cutter....!
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I was asked by [ profile] amberb_uk to explain seven of my interests.
[ profile] pixieking and the conversation turned to people joining people in "The Cupboard of Love" and that it was also Lonely in the Cupboard...

There's still an lj comunity though [profile] cupboardoflove

Falsifying Statistics

What a wonderful meme this one was...simple this one and you should do it

I was browsing the interest lists of LJ today and saw that the top spot on the interests was music. All well and good - but lets face it - dull as shite, right? So in my infinite wisdom I have decided to try to alter this sad state of affairs. To this end I need your help - thats right, yours! I have found a phrase that is not on anyones interest list, and I will, after this post, add it to mine. I expect everyone on my friends list to add it to theirs. I also expect you to ask your friends to do the same. As such a wave of this interest will sweep out and, hopefully, conquer livejournal! The goat is gonna get it! The phrase that you should add to your interests is:

Falsifying Statistics


Ah good ole Roleplaying games. Simple interest to explain, Joined uni met geeks roleplayed with geeks. Met more geeks....introduced other like minded geeks to other geeks...the cycle continues.
But seriously I'd played various games on the PC but never had chance to do the pen and paper stuff till I started uni...and enjoyed it so it had to go up there.


Mostly cus I play..or at least I used to...need to get my sax over from my parents. I've always been musical since an early age and I started learning sax at secondary school. I played with lets see the school band, school wind group, swing band, samba band and the City Of Sheffield Youth Festival band. ALways loved playing swing and jazz music. Nice and relaxing...if you're interested I played Alto but always wanted to try either Sop or Bari

Star Trek

Again another interest that started at an early age. My dad is a big trekkie so it was only right that I was too. I fear I know far too much about ST but I love all things Sci Fi pretty much whatever it is. Eventually one day I'll see about getting all the series on dvd even Enterprise.....and also all the movies even Insurection....One day...maybe even the animated series.....god help me....

Anyone else want to have a go at this, just leave me a commment and I'll list seven of your interests I'd like to find out more about from you. Then do as I have here and post to your journal.


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