Mar. 9th, 2009

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Friday: Twas a good one. RP had a near TPK but fortunatly we didn't all die moment probably Andy dim dooring to the reverse gravity field Clare and I were stuck in. And then using Teleport to transport us up to 1200 miles this case the teleport destination was....100 ft across the room :P

Saturday: Lunch and then Alex's in the much cake....

Sunday : Breakfast. More RP...Mostly spent having Drow bodies corpses pasted over our own as a disguise and then infiltrating a Drow house....

Then the evening M:TG 2HG draft...this was a lot of fun. I really liked this draft format. It was good to be able to discuss picks with your partner and the murmur of conversation in the room gave it a nice atmosphere. In the end Andy and I were only beaten by Phil and Tim. Making us the eventual victors :) seems everyone pretty much drafted a Domain deck and "another" deck...but that's the weirdness of a triple conflux draft format...we're hoping to be able to think about doing something similar with a Shadowmoor box or something at some point...maybe SSE? Depending on stock and cost etc...but not right away hehe.


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